Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hike 'n' Chully to the rescue!

Bleee (Billy Allison) describes himself as "a 'slightly' skint animator living and working in Wakefield, Yorkshire UK (for now)". He has many great designs on his Qwertee page, but I love this one.

'Hike and Chully' by Blee (Billy Allinson)
Here's Hike and Chully... they'll do anything for money... no wait, that's the other guys, these guys will do anything for laughs (and bottle them up)!
Surfing the web as you do, I saw an image of Han 'n' Chewie in almost the same pose as Mike 'n' Sully... I just had to draw it and here it is!

I'd love to see this one printed, so click here to vote (registration required).

['Hike and Chully' image © Blee/Billy Allison]

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