Thursday, 17 March 2011

Book: Separately together for now, then and forever...

'Separately together for now, then and forever...' is a collection of  three-dimensional slides produced over the past couple of years by Matty Stuart; "an extension of work that began many moons ago".

It is a medium that continues to demand Matty's attention.

Some of the images contain recognisable elements, but are mostly abstract; bright, haunting, organic, sticky, viscous, whirling shapes; reminiscent of satellite photography, weird and wonderful microscopic life or silicon structures, 60s and 70s psychedelic lava-lamps and oil projections. Completely fascinating.

This is a limited edition first draft of a larger book that he aims to have completed in the early part of 2011.
The book is available at Blurb, from £15.95 (softcover version). An on-line full preview of the book is also available on the site.

['Separately together for now, then and forever...' image © Matty Stuart]

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