Monday, 28 March 2011

Phew... what a weekend!

Saturday morning kicked off with a message from a friend about some activity on my 'Doctor Pooh' design that I had posted up to Shirtoid [Web, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook].
Shirtoid had decided my design was good enough not only to put up on their webpage, but to also blog on Tumblr... and that's where it all started. I have received so many messages and compliments about the design, it's really taken me by surprise.
So, I would like to say a massive ...


... to Shirtoid. I hope one day I can repay your awesome kindness.

In other news, I have a few more designs that I have uploaded to RedBubble and Qwertee.

'Cylon #5318008'
Another Battlestar Galactica design, 'Cylon 5318008'. (Boring maths lesson + Calculator) + BSG 1978 Cylon = BSG 2004 Cylon. This one is available for sale on Redbubble and for voting on Qwertee.

The following are only (currently) available on RedBubble (I'll update this as soon as I submit to Qwertee).

'HundredAcre(Torch)Wood' (black/white)
I have created two versions of this design so it can be viewed on both light, and dark shirts.
  • Here <-- for the 'white logo' version (for dark shirts).
  • Here <-- for the 'black logo' version (for light shirts).

'Captain Tigger Harkness'
Following on from my 'Doctor Pooh' design, I have created two versions of 'Captain Tigger Harkness' design too. The design that incorporates the 'HundredAcre(Torch)Wood' will print slightly smaller than the straight single character design.
  • Here <-- for the 'character only' version.
  • Here <-- for the 'character and logo' version.

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