Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Return of the Rambler

As I said, in my first post, the main reason for me creating this 'blog' is to display my t-shirt designs.

The next posts are showing the designs I've completed, and have felt happy enough with to submit to places like Qwertee and TeeFury.

While TeeFury seems to be a 'submit only' process, Qwertee is a site that allows the Internet users to choose what they [Qwertee] print next. This means VOTES. The thing with votes though, as I'm sure you're aware from the political world , is that they are open to abuse. This will be one of the reasons that Qwertee requires registration to be able to vote on your favourite designs. So... can I humbly ask, if you're not already registered, please do. This is the only way for the designs to receive the attention of Qwertee. It's a nice and simple process, and takes less time than it does to read my ramblings [here's a link to the Qwertee registration page to make this even simpler ;)].

Right. On with the show...

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